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Closer hits

amberMaerz & Paul amberxkcd rgb.txt amber goldPlochere rose amberMaerz & Paul amber brownColor Standards & Nomenclature amber coralPlochere topaz amberPlochere peach amberPlochere amber brownMaerz & Paul amber whiteMaerz & Paul amberxkcd bulk amberISCC via amberName That Color Amber WaveSherwin Williams amber redxkcd bulk amber yellowColor Standards & Nomenclature cloudy amberMaerz & Paul lambert's blueMaerz & Paul amberDolores Labs dark amberxkcd bulk dull amberxkcd bulk pale amberxkcd bulk rose amberISCC via amber goldISCC via soft amberName That Color amberglowMaerz & Paul

Further hits

amber brownxkcd bulk amber greenxkcd bulk burnt amberxkcd bulk light amberxkcd bulk amber brownISCC via light amberISCC via topaz amberISCC via amber coralISCC via peach amberISCC via amber whiteISCC via emberMaerz & Paul umberxkcd rgb.txt raw umberMaerz & Paul raw umberxkcd rgb.txt amber orangexkcd bulk amber yellowxkcd bulk amber-yellowxkcd bulk bright amberxkcd bulk golden amberxkcd bulk cloudy amberISCC via lambert's blueISCC via amber yellowISCC via UmberSherwin Williams Decorous AmberSherwin Williams Surprise AmberSherwin Williams Rookwood AmberSherwin Williams amber caramelxkcd bulk bastard amberxkcd bulk Ambitious AmberSherwin Williams ambergrisxkcd bulk amberliteISCC via amberglowISCC via emberxkcd bulk umberxkcd bulk emberISCC via raw umberxkcd bulk red umberxkcd bulk raw umberISCC via raw umberName That Color umberDolores Labs burn umberxkcd bulk burt umberxkcd bulk dark umberxkcd bulk deep umberxkcd bulk pale umberxkcd bulk raw umberDolores Labs lumberxkcd bulk timberxkcd bulk number twoxkcd bulk burn umberDolores Labs