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Closer hits

butterflyMaerz & Paul butterfly yellowPlochere butterflyISCC via butterxkcd rgb.txt Social ButterflySherwin Williams butterfly bushName That Color butterfly bushxkcd bulk butterfly bluexkcd bulk butterfly blueISCC via butterfly yellowISCC via Butter UpSherwin Williams butter yellowxkcd rgb.txt

Further hits

buttercupMaerz & Paul butternutMaerz & Paul ButterfieldSherwin Williams butterxkcd bulk bad butterxkcd bulk dark butterxkcd bulk pale butterxkcd bulk butterscotchxkcd rgb.txt butterscotchMaerz & Paul ButternutSherwin Williams butterDolores Labs butter creamxkcd bulk buttered rumName That Color buttered rumxkcd bulk buttery whiteName That Color peanut butterxkcd bulk butter scotchxkcd bulk butter yellowxkcd bulk butter-yellowxkcd bulk cashew butterxkcd bulk butter yellowISCC via buttercupName That Color buttercryxkcd bulk butternutxkcd bulk buttercupxkcd bulk buttercupISCC via butternutISCC via dark butter yellowxkcd bulk pale butter yellowxkcd bulk buttery yellowxkcd bulk ButterscotchSherwin Williams buttermilkName That Color buttermilkxkcd bulk tan or buttermilkxkcd bulk light butter yellowxkcd bulk peanut butter brownxkcd bulk buttercreamxkcd bulk butternutDolores Labs peanut butter yellowxkcd bulk butternut yellowxkcd bulk butternut squashxkcd bulk buttercup yellowxkcd bulk yellow/buttercupxkcd bulk buttercup yellowISCC via butterscotchxkcd bulk butterscotchISCC via Utterly BeigeSherwin Williams dark butterscotchxkcd bulk buttermilk yellowxkcd bulk buttercream yellowxkcd bulk butterscotch yellowxkcd bulk butterscotchDolores Labs butterscotch puddingxkcd bulk shutter greenDolores Labs