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Closer hits

chartreuseSVG colors chartreuse3X11 rgb.txt chartreuse2X11 rgb.txt chartreuse4X11 rgb.txt chartreuse1X11 rgb.txt chartreuseX11 rgb.txt chartreuseMaerz & Paul chartreusexkcd rgb.txt chartreuse greenPlochere chartreuse greenMaerz & Paul chartreuse yellowColor Standards & Nomenclature chartreuse yellowPlochere chartreuse yellowMaerz & Paul ChartreuseSherwin Williams chartreusexkcd bulk chartreuse (sp)xkcd bulk chartreuseISCC via chartreuseName That Color chartreuse-ishxkcd bulk not chartreusexkcd bulk chartreuse pukexkcd bulk dark chartreusexkcd bulk deep chartreusexkcd bulk dull chartreusexkcd bulk neon chartreusexkcd bulk pale chartreusexkcd bulk soft chartreusexkcd bulk chartreuse tintISCC via pale chartreuseISCC via chartreusxkcd bulk burnt chartreusexkcd bulk chartreuse againxkcd bulk chartreuse greenxkcd bulk dirty chartreusexkcd bulk green chartreusexkcd bulk green-chartreusexkcd bulk light chartreusexkcd bulk muddy chartreusexkcd bulk muted chartreusexkcd bulk olive chartreusexkcd bulk vivid chartreuseISCC via light chartreuseISCC via chartreuse greenISCC via not quite chartreusexkcd bulk chartreusyxkcd bulk shartreusexkcd bulk chartreuse or lime greenxkcd bulk dark chartreuse greenxkcd bulk chartreuseDolores Labs

Further hits

chartreuse yellowxkcd bulk chartreusey greenxkcd bulk chartreuse yellowISCC via chartreuse yellowName That Color almost chartreusexkcd bulk bright chartreusexkcd bulk pastel chartreusexkcd bulk yellow chartreusexkcd bulk yellow: chartreusexkcd bulk bright chartreuseISCC via drk chartreuseDolores Labs med chartreuseDolores Labs chartreussexkcd bulk dark chartreuseDolores Labs greyish chartreusexkcd bulk intense chartreusexkcd bulk cartreusexkcd bulk chartreuxxkcd bulk bright green/chartreusexkcd bulk light chartreuse yellowxkcd bulk light chartreuse yellowISCC via brownish chartreusexkcd bulk greenish chartreusexkcd bulk chartreuse greenDolores Labs light chartreuseDolores Labs bright chartreuse yellowISCC via chartreucexkcd bulk yellowish chartreusexkcd bulk bright chartreuseDolores Labs medium chartreuseDolores Labs light chartreuse greenDolores Labs chartreuesexkcd bulk unsaturated dark chartreusexkcd bulk chartreausexkcd bulk chartrueusexkcd bulk chartrusexkcd bulk chatreusexkcd bulk chartruse [sic]xkcd bulk chartreauseDolores Labs dark chartrusexkcd bulk dull chartrusexkcd bulk mild chartrusexkcd bulk pale chartrusexkcd bulk chantreusexkcd bulk chartrousexkcd bulk chautreusexkcd bulk chartrucexkcd bulk chartruesxkcd bulk green chartrusexkcd bulk light chartrusexkcd bulk chartxkcd bulk chartroosexkcd bulk chartruesexkcd bulk chartrussexkcd bulk schartrucexkcd bulk charteusexkcd bulk bright chartrusexkcd bulk dark chartruesexkcd bulk chartruessexkcd bulk light chartruesexkcd bulk chartusexkcd bulk chartrueseDolores Labs charteuseDolores Labs bright chartruesexkcd bulk chartruse meets peridotxkcd bulk chartousexkcd bulk shartrusexkcd bulk chartruse / light bright greenxkcd bulk chartucexkcd bulk