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dark cinnabar greenColor Standards & Nomenclature cinnabarxkcd bulk cinnabarName That Color cinnabar greenxkcd bulk cinnabarDolores Labs dark cinnabar greenISCC via cinnamonColor Standards & Nomenclature

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cinnamonPlochere cinnamonMaerz & Paul cinnamonxkcd rgb.txt cinnamon-buffColor Standards & Nomenclature cinnamon-drabColor Standards & Nomenclature cinnamon pinkMaerz & Paul pale cinnamon-pinkColor Standards & Nomenclature cinnamon-brownColor Standards & Nomenclature cinnamon creamPlochere cinnamon brownMaerz & Paul cinnamonxkcd bulk cinnamonISCC via cinnamonName That Color cinnamon redxkcd bulk hot cinnamonxkcd bulk hot cinnamonName That Color cinnamon-buffISCC via cinnamon pinkISCC via cinnamon-drabISCC via pale cinnamon-pinkISCC via cinnamon brownxkcd bulk light cinnamonxkcd bulk cinnamon brownISCC via cinnamon-brownISCC via cinnamon creamISCC via cinnamonDolores Labs