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Closer hits

cold mornPlochere coldxkcd bulk ice coldName That Color cold skyxkcd bulk cold redxkcd bulk cold rosexkcd bulk cold bluexkcd bulk cold lipsxkcd bulk cold pinkxkcd bulk cold grayxkcd bulk cold greyxkcd bulk cold lilaxkcd bulk cold cyanxkcd bulk cold tealxkcd bulk cold mornISCC via cold sky bluexkcd bulk old goldPlochere old goldColor Standards & Nomenclature old goldMaerz & Paul cold day sky bluexkcd bulk old redMaerz & Paul head cold snotxkcd bulk cold pale bluexkcd bulk cold grey bluexkcd bulk cold whitexkcd bulk

Further hits

cold greenxkcd bulk cold brownxkcd bulk cold oceanxkcd bulk cold steelxkcd bulk cold waterxkcd bulk oldxkcd bulk old goldName That Color old goldxkcd bulk old goldISCC via cold light bluexkcd bulk light cold pinkxkcd bulk light cold bluexkcd bulk light cold greyxkcd bulk cold dark greenxkcd bulk dark cold greenxkcd bulk old redxkcd bulk old redISCC via cold turkeyName That Color cold purpleName That Color cold orangexkcd bulk cold purplexkcd bulk cold fingerxkcd bulk cold yellowxkcd bulk cold violetxkcd bulk old goldDolores Labs light cold greenxkcd bulk dark cold purplexkcd bulk cold light greenxkcd bulk