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Closer hits

colonialMaerz & Paul colonial buffColor Standards & Nomenclature colonial buffMaerz & Paul colonial bluePlochere deep colonial buffColor Standards & Nomenclature colonial creamPlochere colonial yellowMaerz & Paul colonialISCC via colonial redxkcd bulk colonial buffISCC via colonial bluexkcd bulk colonial blueISCC via colonial roseISCC via Colonial YellowSherwin Williams colonial exterior greenPlochere New Colonial YellowSherwin Williams deep colonial buffISCC via colonial whiteName That Color colonial creamISCC via Colonial Revival TanSherwin Williams Colonial Revival GraySherwin Williams half colonial whiteName That Color light colonial roseISCC via colonial yellowISCC via colonial bludDolores Labs Colonial Revival StoneSherwin Williams

Further hits

Colonial Revival Sea GreenSherwin Williams double colonial whiteName That Color Colonial Revival Green StoneSherwin Williams colonial exterior greenISCC via Colony BuffSherwin Williams