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Closer hits

crayon blueMaerz & Paul crayonxkcd bulk crayon redxkcd bulk crayon bluexkcd bulk blue crayonxkcd bulk crayon pinkxkcd bulk crayon blueISCC via crayon sky bluexkcd bulk crayola crayon tanxkcd bulk crayon fleshxkcd bulk green crayonxkcd bulk crayon brownxkcd bulk flesh crayonxkcd bulk crayon greenxkcd bulk crayon greenISCC via crayon violetxkcd bulk purple crayonxkcd bulk crayon yellowxkcd bulk crayon orangexkcd bulk crayon purplexkcd bulk crayola crayon fleshxkcd bulk child crayon set sky bluexkcd bulk

Further hits

crayolaxkcd bulk crayola redxkcd bulk flesh-crayon versionxkcd bulk harold's purple crayonxkcd bulk harold's crayon purplexkcd bulk crayola tealxkcd bulk crayola goldxkcd bulk crayola bluexkcd bulk crayola skinxkcd bulk deep dark crayon green marinexkcd bulk kind of like that olive green in a crayon boxxkcd bulk crayola box goldxkcd bulk crayola sky bluexkcd bulk crayon cornflowerxkcd bulk shitty-roseart crayon redxkcd bulk crayxkcd bulk crayola skin tonexkcd bulk crayola peachxkcd bulk crayola greenxkcd bulk crayola fleshxkcd bulk crayola grassxkcd bulk green pencilcrayonxkcd bulk crayola sea greenxkcd bulk crayola skin colorxkcd bulk crayola flesh tonexkcd bulk crayola purplexkcd bulk crayola yellowxkcd bulk crayola greenDolores Labs crayola forest greenxkcd bulk blue, like crayola marker bluexkcd bulk