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Different GoldSherwin Williams differentxkcd bulk different redxkcd bulk a different bluexkcd bulk different bluexkcd bulk different cyanxkcd bulk different pinkxkcd bulk a different kind of bluexkcd bulk a different greenxkcd bulk different greenxkcd bulk different shade of bluexkcd bulk different shade of tealxkcd bulk more different greenxkcd bulk a different purplexkcd bulk different purplexkcd bulk indifferent bluexkcd bulk a different shade of greenxkcd bulk more different purplexkcd bulk indifferent greenxkcd bulk a different shade of purplexkcd bulk moredifferent tealxkcd bulk slightly different bluexkcd bulk indifferencexkcd bulk another different purplexkcd bulk slightly different greenxkcd bulk tested different ports and different cables, same issuexkcd bulk purple (one of the many different possibilities within magenta)xkcd bulk

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