match average (closer) for 'fire'all match average (all) for 'fire'all

Closer hits

fire flyPlochere fire redMaerz & Paul fireName That Color firexkcd bulk fire redxkcd bulk fire redISCC via fire flyISCC via firMaerz & Paul fire bushName That Color fire pinkxkcd bulk eyes on firexkcd bulk firey redxkcd bulk

Further hits

bonfireMaerz & Paul fireflyMaerz & Paul fire engine redxkcd rgb.txt fire brickxkcd bulk fire truckxkcd bulk firxkcd bulk firISCC via fire-truck redxkcd bulk fire truck redxkcd bulk Fired BrickSherwin Williams fire brickDolores Labs fire orangexkcd bulk fire enginexkcd bulk fire yellowxkcd bulk fire purplexkcd bulk fireflyName That Color fireredxkcd bulk firefoxxkcd bulk fireflyxkcd bulk bonfireISCC via fireflyISCC via saffirexkcd bulk fire-engine redxkcd bulk fire orange redxkcd bulk fire engine redxkcd bulk fireman redxkcd bulk