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Closer hits

goldSVG colors gold3X11 rgb.txt gold2X11 rgb.txt gold1X11 rgb.txt goldX11 rgb.txt gold4X11 rgb.txt old goldColor Standards & Nomenclature old goldPlochere old goldMaerz & Paul goldMaerz & Paul goldxkcd rgb.txt GoldCrayola gold rushPlochere gold glowPlochere inca goldMaerz & Paul gold leafMaerz & Paul dark goldxkcd rgb.txt pale goldxkcd rgb.txt old goldxkcd bulk old goldISCC via old goldName That Color 70's goldxkcd bulk goldxkcd bulk goldISCC via goldName That Color gold tanxkcd bulk gold-ishxkcd bulk gold-tanxkcd bulk dim goldxkcd bulk lds goldxkcd bulk off goldxkcd bulk off-goldxkcd bulk red goldxkcd bulk tan goldxkcd bulk tan-goldxkcd bulk tan/goldxkcd bulk old goldDolores Labs goldDolores Labs

Further hits

Viva GoldSherwin Williams Edgy GoldSherwin Williams bold goldxkcd bulk new goldDolores Labs gold coastPlochere gold earthMaerz & Paul gold brownMaerz & Paul gold ochreMaerz & Paul amber goldPlochere coral goldPlochere cream goldPlochere glint o'goldPlochere fairy goldPlochere glint o'goldMaerz & Paul light goldxkcd rgb.txt aged goldxkcd bulk barf goldxkcd bulk dark goldxkcd bulk deep goldxkcd bulk dirt goldxkcd bulk dull goldxkcd bulk fake goldxkcd bulk flat goldxkcd bulk fool's goldxkcd bulk gold dirtxkcd bulk gold poopxkcd bulk gold sandxkcd bulk gold tipsxkcd bulk gold-greyxkcd bulk grey goldxkcd bulk grey-goldxkcd bulk lime goldxkcd bulk matt goldxkcd bulk mild goldxkcd bulk pale goldxkcd bulk piss goldxkcd bulk puke goldxkcd bulk rich goldxkcd bulk sick goldxkcd bulk soft goldxkcd bulk ugly goldxkcd bulk warm goldxkcd bulk gold glowISCC via inca goldISCC via gold leafISCC via gold rushISCC via dull goldISCC via gold dropName That Color reef goldName That Color gold sandName That Color gold tipsName That Color rich goldName That Color goldenMaerz & Paul goldenxkcd rgb.txt Pearl goldRAL names golden gemPlochere golden rayPlochere golden tanPlochere golden rodPlochere golden rodMaerz & Paul golden rodxkcd rgb.txt goldfxkcd bulk goldyxkcd bulk ugly gold tanxkcd bulk dark goldDolores Labs pale goldDolores Labs old redMaerz & Paul Saucy GoldSherwin Williams Gusto GoldSherwin Williams Quilt GoldSherwin Williams Gold CrestSherwin Williams Gold CoastSherwin Williams Mossy GoldSherwin Williams bronze goldPlochere golden buffPlochere golden glowPlochere golden westPlochere golden dawnPlochere zinnia goldPlochere autumn goldPlochere golden mistPlochere golden glowMaerz & Paul gold yellowMaerz & Paul gold bronzeMaerz & Paul golden cornMaerz & Paul titian goldMaerz & Paul Olde World GoldSherwin Williams baby poop goldxkcd bulk baby shit goldxkcd bulk gold againxkcd bulk gold beigexkcd bulk gold brownxkcd bulk gold greenxkcd bulk gold ochrexkcd bulk gold taupexkcd bulk gold-brownxkcd bulk gold-greenxkcd bulk gold/brownxkcd bulk gold/greenxkcd bulk gold brownISCC via gold ochreISCC via gold earthISCC via gold coastISCC via brown goldxkcd bulk brown-goldxkcd bulk burnt goldxkcd bulk dingy goldxkcd bulk dirty goldxkcd bulk dusty goldxkcd bulk faded goldxkcd bulk fools goldxkcd bulk green goldxkcd bulk green-goldxkcd bulk green/goldxkcd bulk heart goldxkcd bulk honey goldxkcd bulk light goldxkcd bulk matte goldxkcd bulk muddy goldxkcd bulk murky goldxkcd bulk muted goldxkcd bulk olive goldxkcd bulk olive-goldxkcd bulk rusty goldxkcd bulk sandy goldxkcd bulk stale goldxkcd bulk tawny goldxkcd bulk vegas goldxkcd bulk wheat goldxkcd bulk fairy goldISCC via amber goldISCC via coral goldISCC via glint o'goldISCC via light goldISCC via cream goldISCC via honey goldISCC via luxor goldName That Color yukon goldName That Color golxkcd bulk oldxkcd bulk goldenxkcd bulk golderxkcd bulk goldnexkcd bulk goldenISCC via gold brown-ishxkcd bulk gold-ish greenxkcd bulk not quite goldxkcd bulk Gold VesselSherwin Williams Empire GoldSherwin Williams Gambol GoldSherwin Williams Golden RuleSherwin Williams Crispy GoldSherwin Williams Glitzy GoldSherwin Williams Folksy GoldSherwin Williams Golden GateSherwin Williams Sconce GoldSherwin Williams Humble GoldSherwin Williams golden pooxkcd bulk golden rodxkcd bulk golden sunxkcd bulk golden tanxkcd bulk golden tanISCC via golden rayISCC via golden rodISCC via golden gemISCC via green goldDolores Labs dark green-goldxkcd bulk old redxkcd bulk old redISCC via almost goldxkcd bulk autumn goldxkcd bulk bright goldxkcd bulk bronze goldxkcd bulk browny goldxkcd bulk browny-goldxkcd bulk dark goldenxkcd bulk darker goldxkcd bulk desert goldxkcd bulk gold orangexkcd bulk gold yellowxkcd bulk gold-orangexkcd bulk gold-yellowxkcd bulk gold/yellowxkcd bulk golden fizzxkcd bulk golden rustxkcd bulk golden sandxkcd bulk goldy brownxkcd bulk greeny goldxkcd bulk medium goldxkcd bulk orange goldxkcd bulk orange-goldxkcd bulk orange-y goldxkcd bulk pastel goldxkcd bulk sickly goldxkcd bulk sunset goldxkcd bulk yellow goldxkcd bulk yellow-goldxkcd bulk yellow/goldxkcd bulk gold yellowISCC via golden cornISCC via golden buffISCC via nugget goldISCC via golden westISCC via golden mistISCC via titian goldISCC via autumn goldISCC via bronze goldISCC via golden glowISCC via gold bronzeISCC via bright goldISCC via golden dawnISCC via zinnia goldISCC via golden glowName That Color golden sandName That Color golden fizzName That Color tahiti goldName That Color golden bellName That Color buddha goldName That Color pirate goldName That Color lt golden rodDolores Labs goldishxkcd bulk goldrodxkcd bulk browny-gold-ishxkcd bulk goldish tanxkcd bulk goldish-tanxkcd bulk drk golden rodDolores Labs gold / goldenrodxkcd bulk dark yellow or goldxkcd bulk dark yellow/goldxkcd bulk light brown goldxkcd bulk light matte goldxkcd bulk satin sheen goldxkcd bulk goldish-tanDolores Labs med goldengoldDolores Labs