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Closer hits

goldishxkcd bulk goldish tanxkcd bulk goldish-tanxkcd bulk goldish brownxkcd bulk goldish greenxkcd bulk goldish-brownxkcd bulk goldish-tanDolores Labs goldish orangexkcd bulk goldish yellowxkcd bulk goldSVG colors gold3X11 rgb.txt gold2X11 rgb.txt gold1X11 rgb.txt goldX11 rgb.txt gold4X11 rgb.txt old goldColor Standards & Nomenclature old goldPlochere old goldMaerz & Paul goldMaerz & Paul goldxkcd rgb.txt GoldCrayola

Further hits

gold-ishxkcd bulk childishxkcd bulk childish bluexkcd bulk childish pinkxkcd bulk old goldxkcd bulk old goldISCC via old goldName That Color childish greenxkcd bulk 70's goldxkcd bulk goldxkcd bulk goldISCC via goldName That Color bold goldxkcd bulk dim goldxkcd bulk gold tanxkcd bulk gold-tanxkcd bulk lds goldxkcd bulk off goldxkcd bulk off-goldxkcd bulk red goldxkcd bulk tan goldxkcd bulk tan-goldxkcd bulk tan/goldxkcd bulk old goldDolores Labs gold brown-ishxkcd bulk gold-ish greenxkcd bulk goldDolores Labs new goldDolores Labs