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Closer hits

heathxkcd bulk heathName That Color heatherMaerz & Paul heatherxkcd rgb.txt wheatSVG colors wheat4X11 rgb.txt wheat1X11 rgb.txt wheat3X11 rgb.txt wheat2X11 rgb.txt wheatX11 rgb.txt royal heathName That Color hairy heathName That Color wheatMaerz & Paul wheatxkcd rgb.txt purple heatherPlochere purple heatherMaerz & Paul heatherxkcd bulk heatherISCC via heatherName That Color Heather violetRAL names blue heatherxkcd bulk dark heatherxkcd bulk gray/heatherxkcd bulk heather bluexkcd bulk heather grayxkcd bulk heather greyxkcd bulk heather pinkxkcd bulk heather plumxkcd bulk heather-bluexkcd bulk bridal heathName That Color gray: heather-grayxkcd bulk

Further hits

heather greenxkcd bulk light heatherxkcd bulk chilean heathName That Color heather plumDolores Labs Renwick HeatherSherwin Williams wheatxkcd bulk wheatISCC via wheatName That Color deathxkcd bulk heather purplexkcd bulk heather violetxkcd bulk purple heatherxkcd bulk purple heatherISCC via heathered grayName That Color dark heather purplexkcd bulk light heather greenxkcd bulk dark wheatxkcd bulk pale wheatxkcd bulk wheat / barfxkcd bulk wheat goldxkcd bulk wheat thinxkcd bulk death bluexkcd bulk death by pinkxkcd bulk heathered violetxkcd bulk