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Closer hits

leatherxkcd rgb.txt leatherMaerz & Paul leather lakeMaerz & Paul leather brownMaerz & Paul heatherxkcd rgb.txt heatherMaerz & Paul leatherName That Color leatherxkcd bulk leatherISCC via tan leatherxkcd bulk red leatherxkcd bulk leather redxkcd bulk leather tanxkcd bulk Leather BoundSherwin Williams pale leatherxkcd bulk leather pinkxkcd bulk dark leatherxkcd bulk pink leatherxkcd bulk leather lakeISCC via leatheryxkcd bulk leathery tanxkcd bulk weathered oakMaerz & Paul light leatherxkcd bulk faded leatherxkcd bulk brown leatherxkcd bulk leather greenxkcd bulk leather brownxkcd bulk leather brownISCC via golden featherMaerz & Paul purple heatherPlochere purple heatherMaerz & Paul wafted featherPlochere redfeatherMaerz & Paul heatherName That Color

Further hits

weatherxkcd bulk heatherxkcd bulk heatherISCC via leather jacketxkcd bulk saddle leatherxkcd bulk leathery brownxkcd bulk leather yellowxkcd bulk tanned leatherxkcd bulk Heather violetRAL names Feather WhiteSherwin Williams morocco leatherxkcd bulk blue heatherxkcd bulk heather-bluexkcd bulk heather plumxkcd bulk dark heatherxkcd bulk heather bluexkcd bulk gray/heatherxkcd bulk heather pinkxkcd bulk heather grayxkcd bulk heather greyxkcd bulk Feathery LilacSherwin Williams saddle leather brownxkcd bulk gray: heather-grayxkcd bulk light heatherxkcd bulk heather greenxkcd bulk Renwick HeatherSherwin Williams weathered oakISCC via snakebite leatherxkcd bulk WeathervaneSherwin Williams heather plumDolores Labs fatherxkcd bulk golden featherISCC via heathered grayName That Color weathered bluexkcd bulk heather purplexkcd bulk heather violetxkcd bulk purple heatherxkcd bulk purple heatherISCC via wafted featherISCC via redfeatherISCC via sky during bad weatherxkcd bulk light heather greenxkcd bulk dark heather purplexkcd bulk weathered greenxkcd bulk Weathered ShingleSherwin Williams rather bluexkcd bulk parrot feather greenxkcd bulk heathered violetxkcd bulk rather greenxkcd bulk rather purplexkcd bulk rather orangexkcd bulk katherinexkcd bulk