match average (closer) for 'metal'all match average (all) for 'metal'all

Closer hits

metalMaerz & Paul gun metalPlochere metalxkcd bulk metalISCC via metal brownMaerz & Paul gun metalxkcd bulk hot metalxkcd bulk gun metalISCC via metal grayxkcd bulk metal greyxkcd bulk blue metalxkcd bulk metal bluexkcd bulk metal-bluexkcd bulk gunmetalxkcd rgb.txt gunmetalMaerz & Paul gun metal bluexkcd bulk gun metal greyxkcd bulk gun metal grayxkcd bulk gun-metal greyxkcd bulk gun-metal bluexkcd bulk metallic bluexkcd rgb.txt

Further hits

metallic greyMaerz & Paul dark metal bluexkcd bulk heavy metalName That Color black metalxkcd bulk metal greenxkcd bulk metal brownISCC via dark gun metal bluexkcd bulk metallic greenMaerz & Paul metalicxkcd bulk light gunmetalMaerz & Paul gun metal greenxkcd bulk Dark grey metallic (148)Lego (2010) yellow metalName That Color yellow metalxkcd bulk metalic bluexkcd bulk metalic greyxkcd bulk metallicxkcd bulk gunmetalxkcd bulk gunmetalISCC via rose petalMaerz & Paul metallic redxkcd bulk metallic redISCC via gunmetal bluexkcd bulk metallic bluexkcd bulk metalic greenxkcd bulk blue metallicxkcd bulk gunmetal grayxkcd bulk gunmetal greyxkcd bulk dark gunmetalxkcd bulk rearden metalxkcd bulk metallic tealxkcd bulk metallic greyxkcd bulk metallic grayxkcd bulk metallic pinkxkcd bulk metallic goldxkcd bulk metallic greyISCC via metallic sea foamxkcd bulk non-metallic goldxkcd bulk non metallic goldxkcd bulk petalxkcd bulk metallic blue-greyxkcd bulk metallic greenxkcd bulk metallic brownxkcd bulk metallic greenISCC via metallic brownISCC via gunmetal blackxkcd bulk gunmetal greenxkcd bulk metalic purplexkcd bulk gunmetal brownxkcd bulk light gunmetalxkcd bulk light gunmetalISCC via dark metallic greenxkcd bulk dark green metallicxkcd bulk light gunmetal bluexkcd bulk light metallic bluexkcd bulk metallic bronzeName That Color metallic purplexkcd bulk metallic yellowxkcd bulk metallic copperName That Color metallic copperxkcd bulk rose petalxkcd bulk petal bluexkcd bulk petal pinkxkcd bulk rose petalISCC via petal pinkISCC via metallic purple-greyxkcd bulk gunmetalish bluexkcd bulk rose petal pinkxkcd bulk rose petalDolores Labs