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Closer hits

middle stoneMaerz & Paul middlexkcd bulk middle redxkcd bulk middle bluexkcd bulk middle grayxkcd bulk middle greyxkcd bulk middle pinkxkcd bulk middle rosexkcd bulk middle of the sky bluexkcd bulk middle-dark bluexkcd bulk middle brownxkcd bulk middle greenxkcd bulk middle stoneISCC via middle of the road bluexkcd bulk middle purplexkcd bulk middle violetxkcd bulk middle brunswick greenMaerz & Paul middle easternxkcd bulk middle magentaxkcd bulk middlebluexkcd bulk middle bluey purplexkcd bulk

Further hits

middle school greenxkcd bulk middlestoneISCC via middyMaerz & Paul middle turquoisexkcd bulk somewhere in the middle of red and pinkxkcd bulk middling bluexkcd bulk middle brunswick greenISCC via middleish semisoft redxkcd bulk dark blue, with red, middle intensityxkcd bulk dark red, with blue, middle intensityxkcd bulk middling greenxkcd bulk middlish greenxkcd bulk middyISCC via