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Closer hits

pastelMaerz & Paul pastel redxkcd rgb.txt pastel greyMaerz & Paul pastel blueMaerz & Paul pastel pinkxkcd rgb.txt pastel bluexkcd rgb.txt pastexkcd bulk paste redxkcd bulk Azul pastelRAL names Bleu pastelRAL names Pastel blueRAL names pastel greenxkcd rgb.txt paste bluexkcd bulk pastelxkcd bulk pastelISCC via dark pastel greenxkcd rgb.txt Pastel greenRAL names Jaune pastelRAL names pastel redxkcd bulk pastel skyxkcd bulk pastel tanxkcd bulk pastel purplexkcd rgb.txt pastel yellowxkcd rgb.txt pastel orangexkcd rgb.txt Blu pastelloRAL names azul pastelxkcd bulk blue pastelxkcd bulk curry pastexkcd bulk paste greenxkcd bulk paste whitexkcd bulk pastel aquaxkcd bulk pastel bluexkcd bulk pastel cyanxkcd bulk pastel goldxkcd bulk pastel grayxkcd bulk pastel greexkcd bulk pastel greyxkcd bulk pastel jadexkcd bulk pastel lilaxkcd bulk pastel limexkcd bulk pastel mintxkcd bulk pastel mossxkcd bulk pastel navyxkcd bulk pastel pinkxkcd bulk pastel pinlxkcd bulk pastel plumxkcd bulk pastel pucexkcd bulk pastel pukexkcd bulk pastel rosexkcd bulk pastel tealxkcd bulk pastel-bluexkcd bulk pastey bluexkcd bulk pink (pastel)xkcd bulk pink pastelxkcd bulk tooth pastexkcd bulk pastel pinkISCC via pastel blueISCC via pastel greyISCC via pastel pinkName That Color asterMaerz & Paul light pastel greenxkcd rgb.txt Pastel violetRAL names Violet pastelRAL names Pastel orangeRAL names Pastel yellowRAL names Orang├ę pastelRAL names dark pastel redxkcd bulk dark red pastelxkcd bulk ice/pastel bluexkcd bulk pastel hot pinkxkcd bulk pastel sea foamxkcd bulk pastel sky bluexkcd bulk pastel redDolores Labs pastell redxkcd bulk dark pastel bluexkcd bulk

Further hits

dark pastel cyanxkcd bulk dark pastel pinkxkcd bulk dark pastel tealxkcd bulk deep pastel bluexkcd bulk pale pastel pinkxkcd bulk pastel baby bluexkcd bulk pastel blue greyxkcd bulk pastel dark bluexkcd bulk pastel grey bluexkcd bulk pastel grey-bluexkcd bulk pastel navy bluexkcd bulk pastel-like bluexkcd bulk rich pastel bluexkcd bulk Violeta pastelRAL names green pastelxkcd bulk paste yellowxkcd bulk pastel beigexkcd bulk pastel brickxkcd bulk pastel brownxkcd bulk pastel grapexkcd bulk pastel grassxkcd bulk pastel greenxkcd bulk pastel khakixkcd bulk pastel lemonxkcd bulk pastel lilacxkcd bulk pastel mauvexkcd bulk pastel olivexkcd bulk pastel peachxkcd bulk pastel purplxkcd bulk pastel vomitxkcd bulk pastel-greenxkcd bulk pastel-y greenxkcd bulk pastell bluexkcd bulk pastell pinkxkcd bulk pastell rosexkcd bulk pastell-bluexkcd bulk pastely bluexkcd bulk pastey greenxkcd bulk royal pastelxkcd bulk tomato pastexkcd bulk verde pastelxkcd bulk pastel lilacISCC via pastel greenISCC via pastel mauveISCC via pastel greenName That Color pastel aquaDolores Labs PastelgeelRAL names hot pastel greenxkcd bulk light pastel redxkcd bulk mid pastel greenxkcd bulk pastel pea greenxkcd bulk pastel red-brownxkcd bulk pastel sea greenxkcd bulk pastel-ish greenxkcd bulk blue asterMaerz & Paul wild asterMaerz & Paul pastel parchmentMaerz & Paul chastePlochere Giallo pastelloRAL names Amarillo pastelRAL names Turquesa pastelRAL names dark green pastelxkcd bulk dark pastel greenxkcd bulk deep pastel greenxkcd bulk dirty pastel pinkxkcd bulk dull pastel greenxkcd bulk flat pastel greenxkcd bulk light pastel bluexkcd bulk light pastel pinkxkcd bulk light pastel tealxkcd bulk lime/pastel greenxkcd bulk more pastel greenxkcd bulk neon pastel greenxkcd bulk pale pastel greenxkcd bulk pastel blue greenxkcd bulk pastel blue-greenxkcd bulk pastel dark greenxkcd bulk pastel green bluexkcd bulk pastel green-bluexkcd bulk pastel green-greyxkcd bulk pastel grey greenxkcd bulk pastel leaf greenxkcd bulk pastel leaf-greenxkcd bulk pastel light bluexkcd bulk pastel lime greenxkcd bulk pastel mint greenxkcd bulk pastel neon greenxkcd bulk pastel ocean bluexkcd bulk pastel pale greenxkcd bulk pastel/pale greenxkcd bulk PastelblauwRAL names PastellblauRAL names PastellgelbRAL names orange pastelxkcd bulk pastel fushiaxkcd bulk pastel greeenxkcd bulk pastel indigoxkcd bulk pastel maroonxkcd bulk pastel orangexkcd bulk pastel purpelxkcd bulk pastel purplexkcd bulk pastel salmonxkcd bulk pastel tomatoxkcd bulk pastel violetxkcd bulk pastel yellowxkcd bulk pastel-purplexkcd bulk pastel-y purplexkcd bulk pastell brownxkcd bulk pastell greenxkcd bulk pastelle bluexkcd bulk pastelle pinkxkcd bulk pastely greenxkcd bulk purple pastelxkcd bulk violet pastelxkcd bulk yellow pastelxkcd bulk pastel yellowISCC via pastel orangeISCC via easter pastel greenxkcd bulk fishpastexkcd bulk pastel red orangexkcd bulk pastel red-orangexkcd bulk pastelle sky bluexkcd bulk green pastelDolores Labs pastel greenDolores Labs tomato pasteDolores Labs pastel easter egg greenxkcd bulk Turquoise pastelRAL names Arancio pastelloRAL names Pastel turquoiseRAL names pastelish redxkcd bulk PasteloranjeRAL names PastelvioletRAL names pastaxkcd bulk pastyxkcd bulk wastexkcd bulk asterISCC via bright pastel bluexkcd bulk bright pastel pinkxkcd bulk cloudy pastel bluexkcd bulk dark pastel orangexkcd bulk dark pastel purplexkcd bulk dark pastel violetxkcd bulk dark pastel yellowxkcd bulk deep pastel purplexkcd bulk dirty pastel greenxkcd bulk gray pastel purplexkcd bulk light green pastelxkcd bulk light pastel brownxkcd bulk light pastel greenxkcd bulk light/pastel greenxkcd bulk medium pastel bluexkcd bulk pale pastel purplexkcd bulk pastel blue-purplexkcd bulk pastel blue-violetxkcd bulk pastel burnt umberxkcd bulk pastel dark purplexkcd bulk pastel grass greenxkcd bulk pastel green againxkcd bulk pastel kelly greenxkcd bulk pastel leaf in summerxkcd bulk pastel light greenxkcd bulk pastel olive greenxkcd bulk pastel purple bluexkcd bulk pastel purple pinkxkcd bulk pastel purple-grayxkcd bulk pastel toxic greenxkcd bulk pastel violet bluexkcd bulk pastel violet-bluexkcd bulk pastel-like purplexkcd bulk pastel-olive greenxkcd bulk pastel blurplexkcd bulk pastel emeraldxkcd bulk pastel fuchsiaxkcd bulk pastel magentaxkcd bulk pastel pumpkinxkcd bulk pastel purtplexkcd bulk pastel reddishxkcd bulk pastell orangexkcd bulk pastell purplexkcd bulk pastell violetxkcd bulk pastelle greenxkcd bulk Turchese pastelloRAL names Violetto pastelloRAL names dark pastel greenDolores Labs pastelbluexkcd bulk toothpastexkcd bulk pasty redxkcd bulk pasty tanxkcd bulk PastellorangeRAL names Pastellt├╝rkisRAL names pastel maroonDolores Labs pastel purpleDolores Labs very light pastel greenxkcd bulk pastel red orangeDolores Labs grayish pastel bluexkcd bulk almost pastel greenxkcd bulk bright pastel greenxkcd bulk darker pastel greenxkcd bulk dirty pastel purplexkcd bulk faded pastel 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asterDolores Labs pale pastaxkcd bulk pasty bluexkcd bulk pasty mintxkcd bulk pasty pinkxkcd bulk blue asterISCC via wild asterISCC via bland olive green in pastelxkcd bulk pastel grey forest greenxkcd bulk almost pastel purplexkcd bulk another pastel greenxkcd bulk bright pastel purplexkcd bulk medium pastel purplexkcd bulk pastel seafoam greenxkcd bulk pastel yellow orangexkcd bulk pastel purplish bluexkcd bulk slightly-pastel bluexkcd bulk pastel bluegreenxkcd bulk pastel tangerinexkcd bulk pastel turqouisexkcd bulk pastel turquoisexkcd bulk pastelish purplexkcd bulk toothpaste greenxkcd bulk pastel parchmentISCC via chastexkcd bulk easterxkcd bulk chasteISCC via pastelpurplexkcd bulk easter eggxkcd bulk pastle redxkcd bulk light pastel yellow-greenxkcd bulk bright pastel greenDolores Labs pastel spring greenDolores Labs light robin's egg pastel blueDolores Labs pastel pinkish purplexkcd bulk dark toothpaste greenxkcd bulk light pastel lavenderxkcd bulk slightly pastel greenxkcd bulk pastel aquamarinexkcd bulk pastel chartreusexkcd bulk pastel periwinklexkcd bulk easter egg dyexkcd bulk pastelavenderxkcd bulk toothpaste for dinnerxkcd bulk easter eggDolores Labs