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Closer hits

bright sunPlochere bright redxkcd rgb.txt bright cyanxkcd rgb.txt bright aquaxkcd rgb.txt bright limexkcd rgb.txt bright pinkxkcd rgb.txt bright bluexkcd rgb.txt bright tealxkcd rgb.txt rightxkcd bulk Bright red (21)Lego (2010) bright sky bluexkcd rgb.txt bright light bluexkcd rgb.txt Bright blue (23)Lego (2010) bright lilacxkcd rgb.txt bright olivexkcd rgb.txt bright greenxkcd rgb.txt my right irisxkcd bulk right bluexkcd bulk right bruexkcd bulk right pinkxkcd bulk just rightName That Color bright sea greenxkcd rgb.txt light bright greenxkcd rgb.txt bright light greenxkcd rgb.txt brightxkcd bulk bright lime greenxkcd rgb.txt Bright green (37)Lego (2010) bright blexkcd bulk bright bluxkcd bulk bright peaxkcd bulk bright pinxkcd bulk bright redxkcd bulk bright seaxkcd bulk bright skyxkcd bulk bright tanxkcd bulk bright ubexkcd bulk bright-redxkcd bulk not so brightxkcd bulk red (bright)xkcd bulk too brightxkcd bulk bright redISCC via bright sunISCC via bright redName That Color bright sunName That Color plenty brightPlochere yellow brightPlochere bright purplexkcd rgb.txt bright yellowxkcd rgb.txt bright orangexkcd rgb.txt bright violetxkcd rgb.txt way too brightxkcd bulk light brightxkcd bulk (bright) bluexkcd bulk blue brightxkcd bulk bright aquaxkcd bulk bright bliexkcd bulk bright blooxkcd bulk bright bluexkcd bulk bright blurxkcd bulk bright blyexkcd bulk bright cyanxkcd bulk bright geenxkcd bulk bright goldxkcd bulk bright grayxkcd bulk bright greexkcd bulk bright grenxkcd bulk bright greyxkcd bulk bright jadexkcd bulk bright kiwixkcd bulk bright leafxkcd bulk bright lilaxkcd bulk bright limexkcd bulk bright mintxkcd bulk bright mossxkcd bulk bright navyxkcd bulk bright pinkxkcd bulk bright pinlxkcd bulk bright plumxkcd bulk bright pucexkcd bulk bright pukexkcd bulk bright reenxkcd bulk bright rosexkcd bulk bright rustxkcd bulk bright sagexkcd bulk bright sandxkcd bulk bright tealxkcd bulk bright uglyxkcd bulk bright winexkcd bulk bright-bluexkcd bulk bright-pinkxkcd bulk cyan brightxkcd bulk right greenxkcd bulk bright roseISCC via bright tealISCC via bright navyISCC via bright aquaISCC via bright blueISCC via bright goldISCC via bright grayName That Color bright light redxkcd bulk bright bright bluexkcd bulk bright bright pinkxkcd bulk bright, bright, bright pinkxkcd bulk Bright purple (221)Lego (2010) Bright orange (106)Lego (2010) Bright yellow (24)Lego (2010) bright magentaxkcd rgb.txt alrightxkcd bulk blue not brightxkcd bulk bright ass bluexkcd bulk bright ass pinkxkcd bulk bright blue skyxkcd bulk bright cool redxkcd bulk bright dark redxkcd bulk bright hot pinkxkcd bulk bright ice bluexkcd bulk bright pea soupxkcd bulk bright pink redxkcd bulk bright pink-redxkcd bulk bright red pinkxkcd bulk bright red-pinkxkcd bulk bright red/pinkxkcd bulk bright sea bluexkcd bulk bright sea foamxkcd bulk bright sky bluexkcd bulk bright wine redxkcd bulk bright-ass bluexkcd bulk bright-ass pinkxkcd bulk hot bright pinkxkcd bulk mid bright bluexkcd bulk not so bright bluexkcd bulk not so bright pinkxkcd bulk too bright bluexkcd bulk too damn brightxkcd bulk very bright redxkcd bulk Bright red orangeRAL names light oakPlochere light redMaerz & Paul light tanxkcd rgb.txt light redxkcd rgb.txt bright skyDolores Labs bright tanDolores Labs way too bright bluexkcd bulk bright light aquaxkcd bulk bright light bluexkcd bulk bright light pinkxkcd bulk bright light tealxkcd bulk bright light-bluexkcd bulk bright, light bluexkcd bulk light bright bluexkcd bulk light bright pinkxkcd bulk light bright tealxkcd bulk light, bright bluexkcd bulk light grayX11 rgb.txt light greyX11 rgb.txt light pinkX11 rgb.txt light cyanX11 rgb.txt light blueX11 rgb.txt bright icy light bluexkcd bulk bright green-yellowColor Standards & Nomenclature bright yellow greenxkcd rgb.txt bright bright greenxkcd bulk also bright bluexkcd bulk baby bright bluexkcd bulk bright aqua bluexkcd bulk bright baby bluexkcd bulk bright baby pinkxkcd bulk bright baby poopxkcd bulk bright blue (cyan)xkcd bulk bright blue greyxkcd bulk bright blue tealxkcd bulk bright blue/tealxkcd bulk bright cyan bluexkcd bulk bright dark bluexkcd bulk bright dark pinkxkcd bulk bright deep bluexkcd bulk bright deep pinkxkcd bulk bright eyes bluexkcd bulk bright gray bluexkcd bulk bright navy bluexkcd bulk bright neon bluexkcd bulk bright neon pinkxkcd bulk bright pale bluexkcd bulk bright rose pinkxkcd bulk bright teal bluexkcd bulk bright teal-bluexkcd bulk bright true bluexkcd bulk bright ugly pinkxkcd bulk bright, pale bluexkcd bulk dark bright bluexkcd bulk dark bright pinkxkcd bulk deep bright bluexkcd bulk deep bright pinkxkcd bulk less bright bluexkcd bulk neon bright bluexkcd bulk pale bright bluexkcd bulk pale bright pinkxkcd bulk rich bright bluexkcd bulk ugly bright tealxkcd bulk very bright bluexkcd bulk very bright cyanxkcd bulk very bright limexkcd bulk very bright pinkxkcd bulk warm bright pinkxkcd bulk bright aqua blueISCC via bright teal blueISCC via just right blueDolores Labs light light bluexkcd rgb.txt bright lavenderxkcd rgb.txt light sky blueX11 rgb.txt (bright) greenxkcd bulk a bright greenxkcd bulk bright amberxkcd bulk bright applexkcd bulk bright azurexkcd bulk bright bbluexkcd bulk bright beigexkcd bulk bright berryxkcd bulk bright blackxkcd bulk bright bluiexkcd bulk bright blushxkcd bulk bright breenxkcd bulk bright brickxkcd bulk bright brownxkcd bulk bright coralxkcd bulk bright denimxkcd bulk bright freenxkcd bulk bright fushaxkcd bulk bright fusiaxkcd bulk bright gerenxkcd bulk bright grapexkcd bulk bright grassxkcd bulk bright greebxkcd bulk bright greemxkcd bulk bright greenxkcd bulk bright green owxkcd bulk bright green'xkcd bulk bright green\xkcd bulk bright green]xkcd bulk bright grenexkcd bulk bright grrenxkcd bulk bright kahkixkcd bulk bright khakixkcd bulk bright lemonxkcd bulk bright lilacxkcd bulk bright linetxkcd bulk bright mauvexkcd bulk bright melonxkcd bulk bright oceanxkcd bulk bright ocherxkcd 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Further hits

bright blueDolores Labs bright bpleDolores Labs bright limeDolores Labs bright navyDolores Labs bright pinkDolores Labs bright plumDolores Labs bright roseDolores Labs bright tealDolores Labs bright ass greenxkcd bulk bright brick redxkcd bulk bright faded redxkcd bulk bright mid greenxkcd bulk bright off greenxkcd bulk bright pea greenxkcd bulk bright pinky redxkcd bulk bright robin's eggxkcd bulk bright sap greenxkcd bulk bright sea greenxkcd bulk bright sea-greenxkcd bulk bright-ass greenxkcd bulk not as bright greenxkcd bulk not so bright greenxkcd bulk sea green (bright)xkcd bulk too bright greenxkcd bulk too-bright greenxkcd bulk bright coral redISCC via bright pink (but not neon)xkcd bulk light drabColor Standards & Nomenclature light buffColor Standards & Nomenclature gray lightPlochere night bluePlochere love lightPlochere blue lightPlochere gray nightPlochere light blue 4Maerz & Paul light blue 6Maerz & Paul light blue 1Maerz & Paul light aquaxkcd rgb.txt night bluexkcd rgb.txt light goldxkcd rgb.txt light pinkxkcd rgb.txt light sagexkcd rgb.txt light mintxkcd rgb.txt light rosexkcd rgb.txt light navyxkcd rgb.txt light limexkcd rgb.txt light plumxkcd rgb.txt light greyxkcd rgb.txt light cyanxkcd rgb.txt light bluexkcd rgb.txt light tealxkcd rgb.txt bright light greenxkcd bulk bright, light greenxkcd bulk bright/light greenxkcd bulk light bright brownxkcd bulk light bright greenxkcd bulk light bright olivexkcd bulk light(bright) greenxkcd bulk light, bright greenxkcd bulk light-bright greenxkcd bulk light/bright greenxkcd bulk bright hot pinkDolores Labs bright med blueDolores Labs bright sea blueDolores Labs bright sky blueDolores Labs med bright blueDolores Labs brighter redxkcd bulk brighter skyxkcd bulk way too bright greenxkcd bulk bright and light greenxkcd bulk light bright sea greenxkcd bulk light but bright greenxkcd bulk bright turquoisexkcd rgb.txt light sky blueColor Standards & Nomenclature light old rosePlochere light sky bluexkcd rgb.txt light blue 2, light blue 3Maerz & Paul light blue,, light blue 5Maerz & Paul bright light blueDolores Labs bright acid greenxkcd bulk bright aqua greenxkcd bulk bright aqua-greenxkcd bulk bright army greenxkcd bulk bright as hell greenxkcd bulk bright blue denimxkcd bulk bright blue greenxkcd bulk bright blue-greenxkcd bulk bright candy pinkxkcd bulk bright clear bluexkcd bulk bright cool greenxkcd bulk bright coral pinkxkcd bulk bright cyan greenxkcd bulk bright cyan-greenxkcd bulk bright dark greenxkcd bulk bright deep greenxkcd bulk bright denim bluexkcd bulk bright dull greenxkcd bulk bright dusty pinkxkcd bulk bright foam greenxkcd bulk bright frog greenxkcd bulk bright green bluexkcd bulk bright green tealxkcd bulk bright green-bluexkcd bulk bright green/bluexkcd bulk bright grey-greenxkcd bulk bright jade greenxkcd bulk bright leaf greenxkcd bulk bright lemon limexkcd bulk bright lime greenxkcd bulk bright lime-greenxkcd bulk bright mint greenxkcd bulk bright mold greenxkcd bulk bright moss greenxkcd bulk bright neon greenxkcd bulk bright ocean bluexkcd bulk bright olive drabxkcd bulk bright pale greenxkcd bulk bright pink againxkcd bulk bright puke greenxkcd bulk bright reddy pinkxkcd bulk bright royal bluexkcd bulk bright sage greenxkcd bulk bright slate bluexkcd bulk bright snot greenxkcd bulk bright soft greenxkcd bulk bright steel bluexkcd bulk bright teal greenxkcd bulk bright teal-greenxkcd bulk bright ugly greenxkcd bulk bright, cool greenxkcd bulk bright-dark greenxkcd bulk bright/ neon greenxkcd bulk bright/neon greenxkcd bulk dark bright greenxkcd bulk green, less brightxkcd bulk less bright greenxkcd bulk pale bright greenxkcd bulk semi-bright greenxkcd bulk soft bright greenxkcd bulk super bright bluexkcd bulk ugly bright greenxkcd bulk very bright greenxkcd bulk bright jade greenISCC via bright mint greenISCC via bright dutch blueISCC via bright shell pinkISCC via bright teal greenISCC via bright blue greenISCC via bright lime greenISCC via bright nile greenISCC via bright copen blueISCC via bright aqua greenISCC via bright coral roseISCC via "Luminous bright red"RAL names light light greenxkcd rgb.txt bbright greenxkcd bulk bright celeryxkcd bulk bright cerisexkcd bulk bright cherryxkcd bulk bright cobaltxkcd bulk bright fuschaxkcd bulk bright fushiaxkcd bulk bright greeenxkcd bulk bright greenexkcd bulk bright greennxkcd bulk bright indigoxkcd bulk bright lillacxkcd bulk bright maroonxkcd bulk bright orangexkcd bulk bright orchidxkcd bulk bright pruplexkcd bulk bright purblexkcd bulk bright purlpexkcd bulk bright purpelxkcd bulk bright purplexkcd bulk bright purplrxkcd bulk bright purplwxkcd bulk bright putplexkcd bulk bright salmonxkcd bulk bright siennaxkcd bulk bright tomatoxkcd bulk bright violetxkcd bulk bright yellowxkcd bulk bright-indigoxkcd bulk bright-purplexkcd bulk bright-violetxkcd bulk brighter aquaxkcd bulk brighter bluexkcd bulk brighter cyanxkcd bulk brighter limexkcd bulk brighter pinkxkcd bulk brighter tealxkcd bulk purple (bright)xkcd bulk purple, brightxkcd bulk right purpurexkcd bulk yellow brightISCC via bright orangeISCC via bright yellowISCC via plenty brightISCC via bright violetISCC via bright pea soup greenxkcd bulk bright robin's egg bluexkcd bulk bright sea foam greenxkcd bulk bright sea-foam greenxkcd bulk bright split-pea soupxkcd bulk not-quite-so-bright bluexkcd bulk bright deep pinkDolores Labs bright navy blueDolores Labs Night OwlSherwin Williams Light blueRAL names Night blueRAL names Light greyRAL names Light pinkRAL names night fighterPlochere lighter bright bluexkcd bulk bright light purplexkcd bulk bright, light purplexkcd bulk light bright purplexkcd bulk light bright violetxkcd bulk light, bright purplexkcd bulk light/bright purplexkcd bulk brightredxkcd bulk bright ass orangexkcd bulk bright ass purplexkcd bulk bright effing redxkcd bulk bright orange redxkcd bulk bright orange-redxkcd bulk bright red orangexkcd bulk bright red purplexkcd bulk 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Labs bright 1996 html lime greenxkcd bulk bright baby shit greenxkcd bulk bright pale blue-greenxkcd bulk bright pale lime greenxkcd bulk semi-pale bright greenxkcd bulk very bright lime greenxkcd bulk bright light greenDolores Labs brighxkcd bulk go lightxkcd bulk lightxkcd bulk light bxkcd bulk light blxkcd bulk light brxkcd bulk light gxkcd bulk light grxkcd bulk light puxkcd bulk light rexkcd bulk mightxkcd bulk nightxkcd bulk bright/light blue-purplexkcd bulk barbie bright pinkxkcd bulk bluey bright greenxkcd bulk bright apple greenxkcd bulk bright aqua marinexkcd bulk bright barbie pinkxkcd bulk bright blue purplexkcd bulk bright blue violetxkcd bulk bright blue-purplexkcd bulk bright blue-violetxkcd bulk bright blue/purplexkcd bulk bright bluey greenxkcd bulk bright cobalt bluexkcd bulk bright dark purplexkcd bulk bright dirty greenxkcd bulk bright faded greenxkcd bulk bright fluro greenxkcd bulk bright french bluexkcd bulk bright french mintxkcd bulk bright grass greenxkcd bulk 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bluexkcd bulk bright violet pinkxkcd bulk bright violet-bluexkcd bulk dark bright purplexkcd bulk darker bright bluexkcd bulk darker bright pinkxkcd bulk dull bright purplexkcd bulk faded bright greenxkcd bulk less bright purplexkcd bulk medium bright bluexkcd bulk medium-bright bluexkcd bulk medium-bright limexkcd bulk minty bright greenxkcd bulk muted bright greenxkcd bulk overly bright pinkxkcd bulk plague flag brightxkcd bulk really bright bluexkcd bulk really bright pinkxkcd bulk semi-bright purplexkcd bulk super bright greenxkcd bulk very bright purplexkcd bulk bright kelly greenISCC via bright rose violetISCC via lighter bright greenxkcd bulk bright lightish bluexkcd bulk slightly bright pinkxkcd bulk Bright reddish violet (124)Lego (2010) bright avocadoxkcd bulk bright blueishxkcd bulk bright blurplexkcd bulk bright crimsonxkcd bulk bright emeraldxkcd bulk bright fuchsiaxkcd bulk bright fucshiaxkcd bulk bright magentaxkcd bulk bright mustardxkcd bulk bright pumpkinxkcd bulk 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light pnkxkcd bulk light pooxkcd bulk light redxkcd bulk light seaxkcd bulk light skyxkcd bulk light tabxkcd bulk light tanxkcd bulk light teaxkcd bulk light telxkcd bulk light-redxkcd bulk light-tanxkcd bulk night seaxkcd bulk night skyxkcd bulk light redISCC via light oakISCC via light tanISCC via Ceiling Bright WhiteSherwin Williams bright green with a hint of bluexkcd bulk holy-shit-that's-bright greenxkcd bulk light bright blue greenDolores Labs bright marigoldISCC via bright fushiaDolores Labs bright greenfDolores Labs bright maroonDolores Labs bright orchidDolores Labs bright purpleDolores Labs bright salmonDolores Labs bright violetDolores Labs bright yellowDolores Labs bright green or neon greenxkcd bulk bright medium-dark bluexkcd bulk bright purple, or dark pinkxkcd bulk slightly less bright bluexkcd bulk light light light bluexkcd bulk light light light grayxkcd bulk light light light pinkxkcd bulk bright orange redDolores Labs lighter bright purplexkcd bulk bright lighter purplexkcd bulk slightly bright greenxkcd bulk bright darkish bluexkcd bulk bright freakin pinkxkcd bulk bright freakin' bluexkcd bulk bright goddamn bluexkcd bulk bright greyish bluexkcd bulk bright harvest goldxkcd bulk bright magenta/pinkxkcd bulk bright purpley bluexkcd bulk bright purpley pinkxkcd bulk bright purpley-pinkxkcd bulk bright reddish pinkxkcd bulk bright reddish-pinkxkcd bulk bright vibrant bluexkcd bulk greyish bright bluexkcd bulk bright fuchsia roseISCC via bright peacock blueISCC via bright reddish blueISCC via bright blue violettxkcd bulk bright bluish greenxkcd bulk bright bluish-greenxkcd bulk bright burnt orangexkcd bulk bright cloud purplexkcd bulk bright effing greenxkcd bulk bright forest greenxkcd bulk bright grape purplexkcd bulk bright grassy greenxkcd bulk bright green yellowxkcd bulk bright green-yellowxkcd bulk bright green/yellowxkcd bulk bright jungle greenxkcd bulk bright kermit greenxkcd bulk bright medium greenxkcd bulk bright pastel greenxkcd bulk bright pastle greenxkcd bulk bright pink fuchsiaxkcd bulk bright pink or fuchsiaxkcd bulk bright pink/magentaxkcd bulk bright pinky purplexkcd bulk bright poison greenxkcd bulk bright purple againxkcd bulk bright royal purplexkcd bulk bright spring greenxkcd bulk bright yellow greenxkcd bulk bright yellow-greenxkcd bulk bright yellow/greenxkcd bulk bright, or neon magentaxkcd bulk brighter blue greenxkcd bulk brighter lime greenxkcd bulk chalky bright greenxkcd bulk darker bright greenxkcd bulk death to bright barneyxkcd bulk even brighter greenxkcd bulk faded bright purplexkcd bulk fairly bright greenxkcd bulk medium bright greenxkcd bulk medium-bright greenxkcd bulk really bright greenxkcd bulk bright lemon yellowISCC via bright green-yellowISCC via bright melon yellowISCC via bright bluish greenISCC via light-ish redxkcd bulk bright orange with a hint of redxkcd bulk light light aquaxkcd bulk light light bluexkcd bulk light light greyxkcd bulk light light pinkxkcd bulk light light tealxkcd bulk light, light bluexkcd bulk light pink (low brightness)xkcd bulk slightly not-as-bright greenxkcd bulk bright amethystxkcd bulk bright bordeauxxkcd bulk bright burgundyxkcd bulk bright ceruleanxkcd bulk bright chestnutxkcd bulk bright eggplantxkcd bulk bright lavanderxkcd bulk bright lavendarxkcd bulk bright lavenderxkcd bulk bright mulberryxkcd bulk bright purplishxkcd bulk bright seagreenxkcd bulk bright shamrockxkcd bulk bright tuquoisexkcd bulk bright turqoisexkcd bulk bright turquisexkcd bulk bright turquoisxkcd bulk bright viridianxkcd bulk brighter orangexkcd bulk brighter purplexkcd bulk brighter violetxkcd bulk brightish greenxkcd bulk hangover brightxkcd bulk bright lavenderISCC via bright violent pink-redxkcd bulk bright green but not quite limexkcd bulk bright friggin greenxkcd bulk brightgreenxkcd bulk frighteningxkcd bulk bright freaking redxkcd bulk light night sky bluexkcd bulk bright green with a touch of bluexkcd bulk bright green, with a touch of bluexkcd bulk bright kelly greenDolores Labs bright olive greebDolores Labs bright olive greenDolores Labs bright pink fushiaDolores Labs bright royal bluelDolores Labs bright dodger blueDolores Labs bright medium blueDolores Labs bright purple blueDolores Labs bright spring blueDolores Labs bright slightly blue greenxkcd bulk slightly less bright greenxkcd bulk brigh bluexkcd bulk (light) bluexkcd bulk (light) pinkxkcd bulk bight bluexkcd bulk blue (light)xkcd bulk blue lightxkcd bulk blue nightxkcd bulk blue, lightxkcd bulk cyan ( light)xkcd bulk dark nightxkcd bulk good nightxkcd bulk grey lightxkcd bulk ight greenxkcd bulk light - bluexkcd bulk light algexkcd bulk light aqauxkcd bulk light aquaxkcd bulk light armyxkcd bulk light auqaxkcd bulk light azurxkcd bulk light barfxkcd bulk light barkxkcd bulk light bilexkcd bulk light bkuexkcd bulk light blehxkcd bulk light bleuxkcd bulk light bliexkcd bulk light bloexkcd bulk light bludxkcd bulk light bluexkcd bulk light blue'xkcd bulk light blue\xkcd bulk light blue]xkcd bulk light blurxkcd bulk light blusxkcd bulk light blutxkcd bulk light bluwxkcd bulk light blyexkcd bulk light bownxkcd bulk light browxkcd bulk light bulexkcd bulk light camoxkcd bulk light ceilxkcd bulk light clayxkcd bulk light cluexkcd bulk light crapxkcd bulk light cyanxkcd bulk light darkxkcd bulk light dirtxkcd bulk light drabxkcd bulk light duskxkcd bulk light fernxkcd bulk light geenxkcd bulk light goldxkcd bulk light gratxkcd bulk light grayxkcd bulk light greexkcd bulk light grenxkcd bulk light gretxkcd bulk light greyxkcd bulk light gruexkcd bulk light irisxkcd bulk light jadexkcd bulk light kakixkcd bulk light kiwixkcd bulk light lbuexkcd bulk light leafxkcd bulk light lilaxkcd bulk light limexkcd bulk light mintxkcd bulk light mistxkcd bulk light mossxkcd bulk light navyxkcd bulk light nluexkcd bulk light ocrexkcd bulk light olivxkcd bulk light pickxkcd bulk light pinexkcd bulk light pingxkcd bulk light pinkxkcd bulk light pinlxkcd bulk light plumxkcd bulk light poopxkcd bulk light pucexkcd bulk light pukexkcd bulk light punkxkcd bulk light purpxkcd bulk light purp;exkcd bulk light readxkcd bulk light reenxkcd bulk light rosaxkcd bulk light rosexkcd bulk light rubyxkcd bulk light rustxkcd bulk light sagexkcd bulk light sandxkcd bulk light shitxkcd bulk light skinxkcd bulk light skyexkcd bulk light snotxkcd bulk light teakxkcd bulk light tealxkcd bulk light teelxkcd bulk light topexkcd bulk light turqxkcd bulk light uglyxkcd bulk light winexkcd bulk light woodxkcd bulk light- bluexkcd bulk light-aquaxkcd bulk light-bluexkcd bulk light-cyanxkcd bulk light-er bluexkcd bulk light-greyxkcd bulk light-limexkcd bulk light-pinkxkcd bulk light-rosexkcd bulk light-tealxkcd bulk night bluexkcd bulk night greyxkcd bulk night navyxkcd bulk night-bluexkcd bulk pink (light)xkcd bulk pink lightxkcd bulk pink, lightxkcd bulk v light bluexkcd bulk light buffISCC via love lightISCC via night blueISCC via light navyISCC via light fawnISCC via light blueISCC via light wineISCC via light grayISCC via light aquaISCC via light goldISCC via gray lightISCC via gray nightISCC via blue lightISCC via light roseISCC via light blue 4ISCC via light blue 6ISCC via light blue 1ISCC via light drabISCC via bright green (class:green)xkcd bulk bright green with yellowxkcd bulk bright green, or grass greenxkcd bulk slightly brighter bluexkcd bulk bright light turquoisexkcd bulk light bright turquoisexkcd bulk bright fushciaDolores Labs bright magentaDolores Labs bright orchardDolores Labs another bright greenxkcd bulk blueish bright greenxkcd bulk bright avocado greenxkcd bulk bright barney purplexkcd bulk bright blueish greenxkcd bulk bright bluish purplexkcd bulk bright bluish-purplexkcd bulk bright darkish greenxkcd bulk bright emerald greenxkcd bulk bright forrest greenxkcd bulk bright golden yellowxkcd bulk bright greyish greenxkcd bulk bright medium purplexkcd bulk bright pastel purplexkcd bulk bright seafoam greenxkcd bulk 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