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Closer hits

rosewoodMaerz & Paul rosewoodName That Color rosewoodxkcd bulk rosewoodISCC via rosewood tanISCC via dark rosewoodxkcd bulk rosewood brownISCC via wood roseMaerz & Paul

Further hits

mauvewoodMaerz & Paul wood roseISCC via wedgewood blueColor Standards & Nomenclature sandlewoodPlochere woodland roseMaerz & Paul pinewoodxkcd bulk firewoodxkcd bulk mauvewoodISCC via wedgewoodName That Color wedgewoodxkcd bulk rosewaterxkcd bulk dogwood rosexkcd bulk pinewood greenxkcd bulk wedgewood bluexkcd bulk wedgewood blueISCC via sandlewoodxkcd bulk sandlewoodISCC via woodland roseISCC via sandlewoodDolores Labs