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Closer hits

shady ladyxkcd bulk shady ladyName That Color shady bluexkcd bulk shady pinkxkcd bulk shady grassxkcd bulk shady greenxkcd bulk shady purplexkcd bulk shadowMaerz & Paul ShadowCrayola shady forest greenxkcd bulk Ruby ShadeSherwin Williams

Further hits

a shade of redxkcd bulk red shadexkcd bulk shade of redxkcd bulk shadeDolores Labs a shade of bluexkcd bulk a shade of grayxkcd bulk blue shadexkcd bulk cyan shadexkcd bulk shade bluexkcd bulk shade of bluexkcd bulk shade of pinkxkcd bulk shadesxkcd bulk shadowxkcd bulk shadowISCC via shadowName That Color a shade of sky bluexkcd bulk an odd shade of pinkxkcd bulk odd shade of bluexkcd bulk some shade of redxkcd bulk shaded redxkcd bulk shadow redxkcd bulk a nice shade of bluexkcd bulk nice shade of bluexkcd bulk some shade of bluexkcd bulk some shade of grayxkcd bulk shade pinkDolores Labs