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Closer hits

spicePlochere spiceMaerz & Paul spiceName That Color spicexkcd bulk spiceISCC via india spiceMaerz & Paul old spicexkcd bulk spice berryxkcd bulk

Further hits

india spiceISCC via spice brownISCC via Spiced CiderSherwin Williams dark spice brownISCC via island spiceName That Color orange spicexkcd bulk gingerspiceMaerz & Paul light spice brownISCC via pumpkin spicexkcd bulk Spicy HueSherwin Williams spiced pumpkinxkcd bulk spicebrownISCC via spiceberryxkcd bulk spicy mixName That Color spicy redxkcd bulk pumpkin spiceDolores Labs gingerspiceISCC via spicy pinkName That Color spicy tunaxkcd bulk spicy pinkxkcd bulk