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Closer hits

pale starPlochere star bluexkcd bulk star trekxkcd bulk pale starISCC via star dustName That Color starkxkcd bulk First StarSherwin Williams North StarSherwin Williams Tempe StarSherwin Williams starch blueMaerz & Paul mustardPlochere stardewMaerz & Paul mustardMaerz & Paul custardxkcd rgb.txt mustardxkcd rgb.txt star trek bluexkcd bulk

Further hits

star fruitxkcd bulk stark bluexkcd bulk stark pinkxkcd bulk tarxkcd bulk mustarxkcd bulk westarName That Color star trek greenxkcd bulk Cut The MustardSherwin Williams stark greenxkcd bulk starry bluexkcd bulk starch blueISCC via stark whiteName That Color bastardxkcd bulk custardxkcd bulk lt mustardxkcd bulk mostardxkcd bulk mustardxkcd bulk mustard]xkcd bulk mustarfxkcd bulk mustartxkcd bulk stardewISCC via mustardISCC via mustardName That Color starry sky bluexkcd bulk bad mustardxkcd bulk hot mustardxkcd bulk mustard gasxkcd bulk mustard tanxkcd bulk off-mustardxkcd bulk old mustardxkcd bulk tan mustardxkcd bulk mustard tanISCC via mustardDolores Labs