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Closer hits

strawberryMaerz & Paul strawberryxkcd rgb.txt strawberry pinkColor Standards & Nomenclature strawberry pinkMaerz & Paul wild strawberryMaerz & Paul Strawberry redRAL names Wild StrawberryCrayola crushed strawberryMaerz & Paul strawberryxkcd bulk strawberryISCC via strawberry jamxkcd bulk strawberry redxkcd bulk pale strawberryxkcd bulk ripe strawberryxkcd bulk strawberry milkxkcd bulk strawberry pinkxkcd bulk strawberry-pulpxkcd bulk wild strawberryxkcd bulk strawberry wineISCC via wild strawberryISCC via strawberry pinkISCC via wild strawberryName That Color light strawberryxkcd bulk strawberry creamxkcd bulk strawberry-esquexkcd bulk strawberry ice creamxkcd bulk strawberry (candy) pinkxkcd bulk strawberryDolores Labs strawberry purplexkcd bulk strawberry yogurtxkcd bulk strawberry ice cream pinkxkcd bulk crushed strawberryxkcd bulk strawberry daquirixkcd bulk crushed strawberryISCC via overripe strawberryxkcd bulk strawberry icecreamxkcd bulk

Further hits

strawberry popsiclexkcd bulk strawberry smoothiexkcd bulk strawberry icecream pinkxkcd bulk strawberry milkshakexkcd bulk strawberry starburstxkcd bulk strawberry suckerDolores Labs artificial strawberry redxkcd bulk strawMaerz & Paul strawxkcd rgb.txt berryxkcd rgb.txt DewberrySherwin Williams holly berryMaerz & Paul SnowberrySherwin Williams straw yellowColor Standards & Nomenclature straw yellowPlochere mulberryPlochere barberryMaerz & Paul mulberryMaerz & Paul mulberryxkcd rgb.txt Berry BushSherwin Williams strawxkcd bulk strawISCC via strawName That Color berryxkcd bulk wet strawxkcd bulk berry redxkcd bulk red berryxkcd bulk red berryName That Color dark strawxkcd bulk pale strawxkcd bulk berry bluexkcd bulk berry pinkxkcd bulk blue berryxkcd bulk dark berryxkcd bulk deep berryxkcd bulk wild berryxkcd bulk wine berryxkcd bulk wine berryName That Color raw berryDolores Labs TeaberrySherwin Williams dark berry pinkxkcd bulk straw greenxkcd bulk berry juicexkcd bulk berry stainxkcd bulk light berryxkcd bulk spice berryxkcd bulk holly berryISCC via berry redDolores Labs mixed berry pinkxkcd bulk berry pinkDolores Labs straw yellowxkcd bulk straw yellowISCC via berry purplexkcd bulk berry yogurtxkcd bulk bright berryxkcd bulk purple berryxkcd bulk bluberryxkcd bulk canberryxkcd bulk mulberryxkcd bulk rasberryxkcd bulk bayberryISCC via barberryISCC via mulberryISCC via barberryName That Color mulberryName That Color aspberry-rayxkcd bulk mulberry redxkcd bulk rasberry redxkcd bulk blue berry blueDolores Labs berry crushDolores Labs purple berryDolores Labs mulberryDolores Labs rasberryDolores Labs