match average (closer) for 'that'all match average (all) for 'that'all

Closer hits

thatxkcd bulk that's itxkcd bulk that's redxkcd bulk that's bluexkcd bulk that be pink, sonxkcd bulk wow that's pinkxkcd bulk that one guy on dougxkcd bulk is that a colorxkcd bulk

Further hits

that colorxkcd bulk that's a colorxkcd bulk that's brownxkcd bulk that's no colorxkcd bulk thats bluexkcd bulk hatxkcd bulk thatchxkcd bulk thatchName That Color that one colorxkcd bulk that's not a colorxkcd bulk that new vw bug greenxkcd bulk that blue againxkcd bulk ok, that's enoughxkcd bulk that purplexkcd bulk same as that other onexkcd bulk not that dark greenxkcd bulk now that's purplexkcd bulk a blue that hurts to look atxkcd bulk purple that is darkxkcd bulk