match average (closer) for 'think'all match average (all) for 'think'all

Closer hits

so i thinkxkcd bulk i think soxkcd bulk i thinkxkcd bulk thinkxkcd bulk think pinkxkcd bulk navy i thinkxkcd bulk blue i thinkxkcd bulk mauve i thinkxkcd bulk black i thinkxkcd bulk puce as i think of it (wrong)xkcd bulk brown sort of i think oh godxkcd bulk i think i saw this one beforexkcd bulk

Further hits

magenta, i thinkxkcd bulk thin mintxkcd bulk thin bluexkcd bulk i think i saw this one alreadyxkcd bulk i think i already had this onexkcd bulk i think i already saw this onexkcd bulk thingxkcd bulk wheat thinxkcd bulk same thingxkcd bulk blue thingxkcd bulk thingsxkcd bulk thingyxkcd bulk thin cloud bluexkcd bulk