match average (closer) for 'this'all match average (all) for 'this'all

Closer hits

thisxkcd bulk this isxkcd bulk this is itxkcd bulk this is funxkcd bulk this is gayxkcd bulk this onexkcd bulk this tooxkcd bulk and thisxkcd bulk nor thisxkcd bulk this one tooxkcd bulk and this onexkcd bulk and this one tooxkcd bulk i hate thisxkcd bulk is this a jokexkcd bulk is this a testxkcd bulk stop thisxkcd bulk this is a jokexkcd bulk this is bluexkcd bulk this is dumbxkcd bulk this is hardxkcd bulk does this endxkcd bulk how long is thisxkcd bulk i like this onexkcd bulk is this over yetxkcd bulk like this onexkcd bulk this is too hardxkcd bulk this is too manyxkcd bulk will this endxkcd bulk thistleSVG colors thistle3X11 rgb.txt thistle4X11 rgb.txt thistleX11 rgb.txt thistle2X11 rgb.txt thistle1X11 rgb.txt is this the last onexkcd bulk seen this one tooxkcd bulk thistleMaerz & Paul i like this bluexkcd bulk when is this overxkcd bulk is this a colorxkcd bulk

Further hits

is this a trickxkcd bulk is this mauvexkcd bulk this againxkcd bulk this colorxkcd bulk this is a colorxkcd bulk this is greenxkcd bulk this sucksxkcd bulk i am tired of thisxkcd bulk i'm tired of thisxkcd bulk im tired of thisxkcd bulk screw thisxkcd bulk tired of thisxkcd bulk didn't i just do this onexkcd bulk does this ever endxkcd bulk how long does this go onxkcd bulk when does this endxkcd bulk when will this endxkcd bulk will this ever endxkcd bulk is there an end to thisxkcd bulk not this againxkcd bulk this is not a colorxkcd bulk this isn't a colorxkcd bulk this one againxkcd bulk how long does this go on forxkcd bulk green i got this one ;)xkcd bulk not this one againxkcd bulk you've shown this onexkcd bulk ThistleSherwin Williams does this ever stopxkcd bulk when does this stopxkcd bulk when will this be overxkcd bulk when will this stopxkcd bulk i hate this colorxkcd bulk i hate this greenxkcd bulk i like this colorxkcd bulk i'm bored with thisxkcd bulk this is still bluexkcd bulk when does this test endxkcd bulk this is stupidxkcd bulk this is not a real colorxkcd bulk when is this going to endxkcd bulk is this going to end soonxkcd bulk how long does this thing go onxkcd bulk thistlexkcd bulk thistleISCC via thistleName That Color teal (more blue this time)xkcd bulk i dont like this colorxkcd bulk i hate this colourxkcd bulk i've seen this beforexkcd bulk when is this endingxkcd bulk thistleDolores Labs