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Closer hits

thistleSVG colors thistle3X11 rgb.txt thistle2X11 rgb.txt thistle1X11 rgb.txt thistle4X11 rgb.txt thistleX11 rgb.txt thistleMaerz & Paul thistle downPlochere thistle bloomPlochere thistle bloomMaerz & Paul ThistleSherwin Williams thistleName That Color thistlexkcd bulk thistleISCC via thistletuftMaerz & Paul dark thistlexkcd bulk thistle downISCC via thistleDolores Labs

Further hits

thistle greenName That Color light thistlexkcd bulk thistle bloomISCC via bright thistlexkcd bulk thistle purplexkcd bulk thistletuftISCC via mistletoePlochere mistletoeMaerz & Paul amythistxkcd bulk amethistxkcd bulk mistletoeISCC via mistletoe grayISCC via this isxkcd bulk this is itxkcd bulk thisxkcd bulk nor thisxkcd bulk and thisxkcd bulk this onexkcd bulk this tooxkcd bulk this is funxkcd bulk this is gayxkcd bulk mistletoe greenISCC via and this onexkcd bulk this one tooxkcd bulk