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Closer hits

tinted redxkcd bulk tinted bluexkcd bulk tinted grayxkcd bulk tinted greyxkcd bulk tinted pinkxkcd bulk tinted sky bluexkcd bulk blue-tinted grayxkcd bulk blue-tinted greyxkcd bulk pink tinted grayxkcd bulk pink-tinted greyxkcd bulk green tintedxkcd bulk tinted greenxkcd bulk tinted whitexkcd bulk MintedSherwin Williams green-tinted tanxkcd bulk blue tinted greenxkcd bulk blue tinted whitexkcd bulk blue-tinted greenxkcd bulk gray-tinted brownxkcd bulk green tinted bluexkcd bulk green tinted grayxkcd bulk green tinted greyxkcd bulk green-tinted greyxkcd bulk tinted light bluexkcd bulk white tinted pinkxkcd bulk tinted orangexkcd bulk tinted purplexkcd bulk tinted yellowxkcd bulk orange-tinted redxkcd bulk mintedxkcd bulk neon blue tinted greenxkcd bulk purple tinted bluexkcd bulk purple tinted pinkxkcd bulk purple-tinted bluexkcd bulk purple-tinted greyxkcd bulk purple-tinted pinkxkcd bulk yellow tinted bluexkcd bulk yellow tinted grey 90xkcd bulk blue tinted purplexkcd bulk brown-tinted greenxkcd bulk green tinted whitexkcd bulk green-tinted brownxkcd bulk green-tinted whitexkcd bulk pink tinted purplexkcd bulk pink-tinted purplexkcd bulk blue tinted with purplexkcd bulk lilac-tinted light greyxkcd bulk green tinted yellowxkcd bulk orange tinted brownxkcd bulk purple tinted whitexkcd bulk yellow-tinted greenxkcd bulk fainted redxkcd bulk painted skyxkcd bulk tainted skyxkcd bulk yellow tinted orangexkcd bulk tainted bluexkcd bulk tainted cyanxkcd bulk tintxkcd bulk

Further hits

fainted greenxkcd bulk painted grapexkcd bulk tainted greenxkcd bulk red tintxkcd bulk ice tintISCC via pale green tinted slightly bluexkcd bulk tainted yellowxkcd bulk a tint of bluexkcd bulk blue tintxkcd bulk cyan tintxkcd bulk tint of bluexkcd bulk tint of tealxkcd bulk pink tintISCC via gray tintISCC via blue tintISCC via intelxkcd bulk stintxkcd bulk tintoxkcd bulk red tint bluexkcd bulk blue grey tintxkcd bulk cool blue tintxkcd bulk