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Closer hits

willowMaerz & Paul willow greenMaerz & Paul Willow TreeSherwin Williams willowxkcd bulk willowISCC via billowPlochere wild willowName That Color wild willowxkcd bulk White WillowSherwin Williams willow brookName That Color willow groveName That Color willow greenxkcd bulk willow greenISCC via dark willow greenxkcd bulk

Further hits

billowISCC via PussywillowSherwin Williams pillow bluexkcd bulk pussywillowxkcd bulk pussywillow grayISCC via willxkcd bulk gree-llowxkcd bulk ill yellowxkcd bulk willyxkcd bulk ellowxkcd bulk yllowxkcd bulk when will it endxkcd bulk my god will save mexkcd bulk will this endxkcd bulk will it ever endxkcd bulk