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Closer hits

winter skyPlochere winter sunPlochere winter pearPlochere winter leafMaerz & Paul winter greenColor Standards & Nomenclature winter greenMaerz & Paul winter yellowPlochere winterxkcd bulk winter skyxkcd bulk winter sunISCC via winter skyISCC via winter mintxkcd bulk winter bluexkcd bulk winter greyxkcd bulk winter sagexkcd bulk winter leafISCC via winter pearISCC via winter sky bluexkcd bulk wintergreenMaerz & Paul wintergreenxkcd rgb.txt winter greenxkcd bulk winter nightxkcd bulk winter whitexkcd bulk winter greenISCC via winter hazelName That Color dark winter greenxkcd bulk

Further hits

winter purplexkcd bulk winter squashxkcd bulk winter yellowISCC via winter greenDolores Labs winter grass greenxkcd bulk wintermintxkcd bulk winterfreshxkcd bulk wintergreenxkcd bulk wintergreenISCC via wintergreen gumxkcd bulk dark wintergreenxkcd bulk hinter greenxkcd bulk painter's tapexkcd bulk printer cyanxkcd bulk Interface TanSherwin Williams internetxkcd bulk light wintergreenxkcd bulk white pointerName That Color internal pinkxkcd bulk internet bluexkcd bulk bright wintergreenxkcd bulk printer out of ink blackxkcd bulk painters-tape bluexkcd bulk 90's internet greenxkcd bulk internet greenxkcd bulk interior greenISCC via Interesting AquaSherwin Williams *enter*xkcd bulk intelxkcd bulk interestingxkcd bulk interesting redxkcd bulk interesting bluexkcd bulk