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Closer hits

wisteriaPlochere wisteriaxkcd rgb.txt wisteria mistPlochere wisteria grayPlochere WisteriaCrayola WisteriaSherwin Williams wisteriaName That Color wisteriaxkcd bulk wisteriaISCC via wisteria mistISCC via dark wisteriaxkcd bulk wisteria bluexkcd bulk deep wisteriaxkcd bulk wisteria blueISCC via wisteria grayISCC via light wisteriaName That Color light wisteriaxkcd bulk wisteriaDolores Labs wisteria purplexkcd bulk bisterColor Standards & Nomenclature

Further hits

bisterMaerz & Paul wysteriaxkcd bulk cloisterPlochere mineral bisterMaerz & Paul bisterISCC via blisterxkcd bulk twistedxkcd bulk cloisterISCC via arterial redxkcd bulk sterile greenxkcd bulk my little sisterxkcd bulk cafeteriaxkcd bulk mineral bisterISCC via blister purplexkcd bulk twisted nipplexkcd bulk mysteriousxkcd bulk arterial blood redxkcd bulk